Who am I?         

WHY am I running?  I believe that growing a culture of belonging in our schools will fuel academic success for all students. Together we rise! 

I see a bright and exciting future for our public schools if we fund them and support teachers and staff. I love to analyze data and form responsive policy, important skills for a school board member. I support inclusion and equity. Our schools need to address violence by giving students tools to transform conflict and values to choose respect over hate. I believe the priority of schools is academic success of ALL students. I want our schools in Wauwatosa to prepare our children to live in a diverse, global world.

Watch some of  my interviews here.

Areas of Expertise

Research/Data Collection & Analysis

Parent navigation of special education

Conflict Resolution/Mediation

Restorative Justice

Social Determinants of Inequality

Strategic Planning

Environmental Sustainability

I will work for ALL students!

A - Academic rigor

When students feel welcome they can focus and flourish in the classroom. We need to address school climate issues to make room for learning. We need curriculum that adapts to students' diverse needs.

B- Belonging across diversity

All students and staff gain when diversity, equity and inclusion are taken seriously. "I belong here" should be our guiding star.  Structural and interpersonal changes are needed to achieve this.

C- Creative conflict tools

Conflict mediation and restorative justice should be integrated into existing  behavior systems (PBIS and behavior matrix). Focusing on how harm creates obligations leads to inclusive discipline.